A Focus on Quality


As the leader in elite machining, we at TALOS STEEL guarantee that our clients receive products built with the highest standards possible. From initial project management, documentation and resources to production, finishing and delivery, our systems for managing quality are always consistent with ISO 9001:2008 standards.
This focus on quality covers all aspects of the projects we are responsible for – drawings & specifications, product codes, purchase orders, specific contractual requirements, expedient production and delivery times, and the highest level of safety standards possible. TALOS STEEL is known for its customer satisfaction, and we achieve these results by being thorough and organized in our planning and management.

A Safer Working Environment

The TALOS STEEL team is committed to maintaining the safest working approaches possible to reduce and eliminate ‘lost-time’ injuries in our facility. Our safety objectives are centered on education, information and training for all of our employees, in order to improve awareness and employ the safest operating practices possible.

Establishing Long Term Relationships

We can appreciate the importance of clearly communicating with our business partners. Without them, efficiency and productivity is driven downwards. These working relationships are vital to ensuring maximum output, quality and a mutual respect between customer and provider. The entire staff here at TALOS STEEL is committed to establishing and maintaining positive connections by going above and beyond our customer’s expectations. It’s that small touch that makes a big difference.