Quality, safety and expertise.


These are the fundamentals necessary for success in our field. At TALOS STEEL, our objective is to provide companies in heavy industrial settings with quality products that exceed their expectations. We are an elite machine works and fabrication plant, capable of manufacturing and servicing for numerous industries.  Our team takes great pride in its performance record by acknowledging the responsibility of working within a safe working environment.

In order to achieve all of this, we rely on our skilled workforce and their years of combined experience and qualifications – TALOS STEEL is not just about using labour to get the job done, but providing innovative and durable solutions for our clients.

We understand quality because it’s engrained in everything we do. From the production floor to the front offices, quality is a part of our internal culture. We’re not only committed to ensuring that every piece of machined and milled equipment is of the highest caliber, but that each and every one of our customers, no matter how small the job may be, is attended to with the utmost respect and open communication.

We don’t just build strong parts for machinery – we establish stronger relationships. It’s the right way to do business.